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1. Take the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) North to Rosecrans Road (Rt. 173).
2. Go East (right) 6.5 miles to Sheridan Road.
3. Go North (left) approximately 1.8 miles to 7th Street.
4. Go East (right) and go past the R.R. tracks to the stop sign at the Harbor Administration building.
5. Go North (left) to the first stop sign. You will see the sign for charter boats.
6. Turn right at the stop sign before the Skipper Buds building and go around the parking lot to the north side of the parking lot. You may drop off your group at the AA boat dock (located immediately to the north of the Yacht Club). Parking is located along the south side of the Skipper Bud’s Building. Park in the non-gated lots. Limited parking is available in front of the Yacht Club, Monday - Thursday.

1. Take the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) South over the Illinois border to Exit 1A, Russell Road.
2. Go East (left) approximately 7 miles to Sheridan Road.
3. Go South (right) to 7th Street.
4. Go East (left) and go past the R.R. tracks to the stop sign at the Harbor Administration building. (follow directions 5 & 6 from above).

Boat Cell Phone: 847.354.5106

Directions to
Winthrop Harbor
Illinois Fishing Charter,
The Blue Horizon

PROBLEMS? LOST? Call boat cell phone 847.354.5106

Blue Horizon fishing charters depart from North Point Marina, 701 North Point Drive, Winthrop Harbor, Illinois, just south of the Wisconsin - Illinois border. This is ideal for fishing both Illinois and Wisconsin waters. The Blue Horizon is docked in slip AA-7 on the north side of the Yacht Club. Free parking is conveniently located west of the boat. Please allow a few extra minutes to park and fill out fishing licenses so your day may start with an on-time departure.

What To Bring

1) JACKETS/RAINGEAR/SUNSCREEN—As with any trip that you may take, it is always necessary to check the weather and the forecast for the day of your sport fishing charter. Don’t forget a hat, sweater or sweatshirt—it’s best to layer or bring a jacket. And don’t forget your sunscreen!

2) CAMERA—Great pictures preserve your memories! There is an art to taking truly memorable pictures and I will be more than happy to help you in taking pictures of you, your friends, family and guests with your days catch.

3) LUNCH & DRINKS—Morning charters often bring coffee, water, juice, donuts, bagels. (CJ’s Coffee House on Sheridan Rd south of the harbor opens at 4:00 a.m. for warm donut enthusiasts. Afternoon groups frequently bring sandwiches, chips, soda, water, and beer. Space is available for your cooler on board.

4) NON-SLIP SHOES—Most people prefer tennis, running shoes or sandals with soft rubber soles. Dress shoes or hard soled boots will not be allowed on deck.

5) COOLER—(for transporting fish)- On the water we have a large fish cooler loaded with ice to keep you’re your catch fresh. fish cleaning is available for a nominal charge. Fish will be bagged and you will need a cooler for transporting your catch home.

6) LICENSES—We determine which state waters we will fish based on daily weather changes. Our goal is maximum action; therefore, we will let you know prior to your charter which license to purchase. A one-day fishing license is available on board for purchase. You will only need one license. We are licensed for both Illinois and Wisconsin waters. If you already have a fishing license—bring it. Please make sure you have a Lake Michigan salmon stamp. Please call or email if you have any questions.